Who am I?

My name is Yi Huang. I'm an assistant professor at the Yau Mathematical Sciences Center based at Tsinghua University (Beijing). I received my PhD from the University of Melbourne (17th of December 2014) under the supervision of Prof. Paul Norbury. I am a geometer/geometric topologist, and much of my work involves using the geometry of hyperbolic surfaces to study Teichmüller and moduli space theory.

Here's my

What have I been up to?

This semester

Seminar series

Weiyan CHEN 陈伟彦, Honghao GAO 高鸿灏, Yi JIANG 江怡, Jianfeng LIN 林剑锋, and I organise the YMSC Topology seminar group at the Yau Mathematical Sciences Center (Tsinghua University).

Moreover, Qiongling LI 李琼玲, Yi LIU 刘毅, Yunhui WU 吴云辉, and I organise the Joint Seminar on Teichmüller theory and Related topics.

Why did I make this website?

I have fairly broad mathematical interests and I'd love to hear about your work. Who knows, maybe we can collaborate on something!

How can you reach me?

I prefer e-mail. Try either "nc.ude.auhgnist@htamgnauhiy" or "moc.liamg@marflowerew" . Note that you might have trouble copy and pasting my addresses directly from this page =)